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Virtual PC 2004/2007 vs VMWare

I recently started using Virtual PC 2004 when MS released the Orcas CTP (the next version of Visual Studio) as a virtual machine. For reasons I’ll go into at a later post, I needed access to an Ubuntu install to look at some technologies. Seemed natural to try installing Ubuntu on Virtual PC but I recalled a colleague at work trying to get Ubuntu working on Virtual PC without much success. I ran into the similar problems; the Ubuntu install on Virtual PC 2004 was an absolute dog. I checked for a new service pack on my MSDN sub and saw that Virtual PC 2007 has now been released. Installed and had a very similar look and feel. Unsurprisingly, it was the same dog like performance during installation so much so that I decided to give VMWare a whirl. It was a breeze to get Ubuntu running.

I’m a little disappointed that neither incarnation of Virtual PC could get the job done.  But, what really ****** me off is that when I try to load up my official Orcas CTP, 2007 will not let me add it. Unless I’m missing something, it would appear that Virtual PC 2004 machines in a saved state don’t play nice with Virtual PC 2007. What is with that?

PS. Why is VMWare Fusion Mac only? -I appreciate they’re addressing the threat Parallels presents. But I’d like to see a similar product for Windows – yes I know I can run cygwin for linux tools, but it’s not the same thing.