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Mobile Users = Second Class Citizen

I’ve came to the conclusion that the reason I don’t blog more than a couple of times a month is because of wordpress. Now while I’m infinitely more impressed with WordPress than GoDaddy’s QuickBlog. I think I’d blog more if WordPress’ mobile interface didn’t suck – please will you let me edit existing drafts on my mobile?

While I was pleased that Google Reader finally allowed us to share items on our Mobile’s why do we still not have search? Get on with it already!

PS. Plaxo, if you want me to try your product why don’t you offer proper syncing to my Blackberry 8800 too?


BuyItOrDie? Yeah, right…

I’ve noticed that one of my posts has been stolen (search for my site on Technorati) by a website called BuyItOrDie… I’m not going to link to them because I don’t want to help their google rankings. Regardless, they’ve stolen some of  my content and a quick look round the blogosphere confirmed that I’m not the only one who’s having their content stolen.

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident and I suspect it will provide a challenge for the quality of results provided by search engines indexing blogs.

Bad Facebook, Bad Facebook

I’m on Holiday so I’ll keep it short. I logged onto Facebook tonight and was greated by the following advert in my news feed: 


  • It was only a matter of time until this happend, but this ****** me off something else…. it is “my” news feed after all… I think injecting adverts into my news like this is pretty cheap and tactless.
  • Is this a targeted advert at me? If so, well done on asking a married guy if he’s tired of being single… get a grip.
  • Has someone “shared” this advert to me? Are they being compensated? If so, this is yet another privacy issue I have with Facebook.
  • Are the pictures of real Facebook users? Do they know that their picture is being used to sell some dating service through Facebook? Are they being compenstated? 
  • If it’s not real users, the advert implies that they are and in my book that’s wrong…

BA no longer the gold standard – I’m switching to BMI.

I was away on a training course this week in London. While the course itself was exceptional (more on this in a later post), British Airways was not.

 On the flight down, we took an extra 10 minutes to get away and experienced a further delay on approach. What really bothered me was the time it took to get my luggage. The passengers on the BA flight from Edinburgh reached the luggage hall and were joined by the passengers of a BA flight from Glasgow about 5 minutes later. Two sets of passengers of BMI flights from Glasgow and Edinburgh then joined us about 15 minutes later. Both sets of BMI passengers had there baggage and were on their way before a single BA customer had their baggage – Waiting an hour for baggage is not the sign of a gold standard carrier. These things happen and I had forgotten about them during the week as I was having a very productive week.

My flight back on Friday was dreadful. While I understand the weather could have an impact on operations, BA was unable to send the 1830, 1950 and 2100 flights off to Edinburgh before 2300. Earlier flights suffered similar delays. I discussed this in the BA lounge with one of my fellow passengers – she explained to me that a number of her colleagues had flown on BMI to Edinburgh and Glasgow and were home hours ago. The lounge was filled with colleagues, couples (including one with a new born baby), a rather loud stag party and Ming Campbell – it sounds like the start of a joke and I wish it was… My flight didn’t leave the gate until 2315, by the time I had my luggage in Edinburgh it had just passed 0100. The whole experience has left me feeling rather ****** off at BA – this was despite every BA staff member being very polite and courteous. 

 I’m not that fussed about the rights and wrongs of BA outsourcing parts of its operations or that they can’t seem to handle baggage; I’m interested in the customer experience. When I fly I want to get from point A to point B and I don’t want to hang around; I’m going to fly BMI from now on.