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Mobile Users = Second Class Citizen

I’ve came to the conclusion that the reason I don’t blog more than a couple of times a month is because of wordpress. Now while I’m infinitely more impressed with WordPress than GoDaddy’s QuickBlog. I think I’d blog more if WordPress’ mobile interface didn’t suck – please will you let me edit existing drafts on my mobile?

While I was pleased that Google Reader finally allowed us to share items on our Mobile’s why do we still not have search? Get on with it already!

PS. Plaxo, if you want me to try your product why don’t you offer proper syncing to my Blackberry 8800 too?


Google Reader Adds Share to Mobile Version

The problem with taking three weeks holiday is that you might miss some announcements. Google have improved the mobile version of Google Reader by adding the ability to share articles a la the full site.

I had been planning on commenting on this in a post about how Google could improve their mobile products. Anyway, bravo Google it might be a small improvement but it is one with a high utility value for me.


I thought about holding out for an iPhone; but with no UK carrier announced and uncertainty over how well a non-tactile keyboard would work I’ve plumped for the Blackberry 8800. I’ve had the unit for two weeks and I have to say that I’m pleased that I’ve upgraded my mobile computing experience.Here are my initial observations:

  • Battery life seems good. Easily gets me through the day on my current usage.
  • I am using instant messaging more than I thought I would. The Google Talk for Blackberry application rocks. Unfortunately, it looks like I will have to pay for an application that uses MSN. I never thought I’d have to postpone an IM conversation because I have to change buses…
  • The Google Mail for Blackberry application is OK – although, I find myself using the native mail capabilities of the Blackberry.
  • Google Reader on the Blackberry… Well firstly they don’t have a dedicated application like Google Mail. For the first week, the mobile version didn’t seem to work at all. There are a number of usability issues. Firstly, you can’t share items. You can mark items to be kept unread which is quite neat if you want to review later – but it doesn’t move you onto the next item *sigh*. I hope the Google Reader team are looking at upgrading the user experience.
  • GPS is fun, Google Maps is much better than the pre-installed BBmaps.  Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz described it “as a thing of beauty”. I’m in Cardiff and London in the next month so I will need to give it a spin then.
  • I know a lot of people are happy about the Curve and the fact it has a camera. The feature that I’d like (or at least thought I’d like) is wifi… I think because I’m on an unlimited data plan I’m not that bothered by it.