What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year I panned Facebook’s first foray into online advertising.  I think Facebook is starting to demonstrate to me that they can get advertising right. I live in the UK, my wife is Canadian and I have a lot of Canadian friends on Facebook. Could it be that I’m being targeted by an airline that flies to Canada from the UK?


I might be reading too much into this – it might just be a regular campaign targeted at UK residents. It is much more difficult to infer if a Social Network advert is targeted or generic. With Google Adwords everything is out in the open, with Facebook it’s kept away from our prying eyes! I’ve flown with Zoom before, so the evolution of this would be whether I could be included or excluded based on my email address.

Actually, I just got this Ad – so it’s obviously pot luck for a married guy in his 20s like me!

Not so targeted...


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