I absolutely love the idea of StartUpWeekend and I followed the first event’s blog very closely. My interest went as far as contacting Andrew Hyde; the man behind StartUpWeekend about organising something in the UK. I never took it any further than that.

Mark Butcher of TechCrunch UK, has a well researched write up about how StartUpWeekend has progressed since then. It’s well worth a read.  After reading the article and parts of the blogosphere (see article for lots of links) I thought I’d throw in my 2p on the subject.

There is an interesting paradox here: it strikes me that the founders (the participants at each event) are expected to give their best ideas for the other founders to judge, select and to eventually build. Yet, StartUpWeekend is Andrew’s baby – from what I can tell he’s not taking undue credit for any of the companies founded. But I get the impression that the tension is down to the ownership of the weekend. I think the community expects Andrew to explicitly give his idea to the StartUpWeekend community at large.

Now, Andrew might feel that he’s already done this, and I concede I might not have read enough about it. Reading between the lines it seems to me that there is an expectation there that comes from BarCamp. It’s what the idea needs to spread further.


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  1. curtispalmer on

    GOOD POINTS… the concept of BarCamp is what I thought we were getting into when we started down the path of staging an event in Birmingham (US, not UK) but Andrew was quick to point out that it was HIS company. It’s no longer an idea, in his mind.

    The Toronto incidents caused us to pause and cease any efforts to become affiliated with Startup Weekend, LLC — we’re putting on our own version of a ‘startup weekend’ (not the company) by dividing the business discussion and development into 2 weekends. In fact, Andrew went so far as to send us an email yesterday “requesting” that we explicitly state we are not affiliated with his company (movement, empire, etc.). See for what I mean. <sigh!>

  2. curtispalmer on

    a quick update… we just finished our startup weekend(s) with a launched company/website. I’m exhausted and might sleep for the next 24 hours straight. This thing stresses the body!

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