Mobile Users = Second Class Citizen

I’ve came to the conclusion that the reason I don’t blog more than a couple of times a month is because of wordpress. Now while I’m infinitely more impressed with WordPress than GoDaddy’s QuickBlog. I think I’d blog more if WordPress’ mobile interface didn’t suck – please will you let me edit existing drafts on my mobile?

While I was pleased that Google Reader finally allowed us to share items on our Mobile’s why do we still not have search? Get on with it already!

PS. Plaxo, if you want me to try your product why don’t you offer proper syncing to my Blackberry 8800 too?


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  1. therealmccrea on

    Martin, We’re beta testing Windows Mobile sync at the moment, and Blackberry is next on the roadmap…

  2. Martin on

    Thanks for the heads up. Any idea on timescales? I look forward to trying it out.

  3. Google Rocks « Martin’s Blog on

    […] written before about the pain of being a mobile user when I investigated Plaxo. Google seem to be committed to making an effort in this area, just look at all the applications […]

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