If at first you don’t succeed…

As I near the end of my 3 week holiday, I’ve returned from the countryside back to Canada’s capital. During my visit, I’ve kept a mental list of things that I think are worth remarking on. While I was browsing one of the malls, I noticed a new phone by Samsung. It’s called the Double-Flip.

I spent a few moments inspecting the model (go look at the phone) and I think this phone could be a winner. What the link doesn’t convey is the actual size of the phone (Samsung Phones = Slim). My initial thoughts were that the design was quite innovative to bring a full sized keyboard to the user in a very slim package . As a Blackberry user, I find that the full sized keyboard significantly enhances the experience over a standard 12 button phone interface.

That’s where I thought this post would end, but after some quick research, it turns out this isn’t the first time that Samsung has tried this style of phone. They attempted to popularise it in 2005 with the D307.

Why do I think this phone will be a hit this time? The current issue of Business 2.0 has the answer. Samsung is rethinking it’s approach to marketing phones. This time the design has a name; it’s not the U740 – it’s the Double-Flip!

The obvious parallel is Motorola. A couple of years back everyone had a Nokia – everything else sucked. But Motorola turned it round with dominant lines like the RAZR and PEBL. It’s clear to me now that the way these devices were named had a positive impact on it’s success. (History on RAZR here)

Samsung clearly believes in it’s naming strategy, I’ll be watching on in interest to see if the new Samsung marketing machine can turn an older idea into a success.


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