Bad Facebook, Bad Facebook

I’m on Holiday so I’ll keep it short. I logged onto Facebook tonight and was greated by the following advert in my news feed: 


  • It was only a matter of time until this happend, but this ****** me off something else…. it is “my” news feed after all… I think injecting adverts into my news like this is pretty cheap and tactless.
  • Is this a targeted advert at me? If so, well done on asking a married guy if he’s tired of being single… get a grip.
  • Has someone “shared” this advert to me? Are they being compensated? If so, this is yet another privacy issue I have with Facebook.
  • Are the pictures of real Facebook users? Do they know that their picture is being used to sell some dating service through Facebook? Are they being compenstated? 
  • If it’s not real users, the advert implies that they are and in my book that’s wrong…

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  1. mark on

    I agree. Martin we would love to have you on our social network if you get tired of facebook.

    Mark from

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